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🎉 Masks Donated 🎉

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many hospitals are quickly running out of necessary protective equipment to protect workers. We’re helping coordinate a network of makers to provide hospitals with hand-made face masks following CDC guidelines.


How does the system work?

Volunteer makers pledge a certain number of masks to sew and we coordinate with them to get the masks sent to the hospitals in most need.

Which hospitals are the masks going to?

All masks are going to hospitals who have reached out to us in need of extra protective gear. Hospitals are put on a rotation based on need.

Are you sure the masks can be used?

These masks are intended to be used for lower-risk patient care situations to make N95's more readily available for high-risk care or as a last resort. Hospitals are required to sign off on understanding this.

Maker Resources

Face Mask Instructions
Fabric Suggestions
FAQ for Makers
Video: Face mask how-to (easiest)
Video: Face mask how-to
Video: Face mask how-to (no elastic strap)

If you have questions related to sewing masks or would like to assist our makers by donating resouces, join our Facebook community.

I'm a health worker

If you're a health worker running short on masks, register below.

I'm a maker

Please read the instructions on how to make face masks.

I've read and understand the instructions.


All donations go towards getting the masks to where they are needed the most.

If you have any additional questions email us: masks@stitchroom.com!